Small Logos & Skinny Letters

Some of the toughest challenges we have are the small elements that are part of many logos. I would like to take a moment to explain. Embroidery cannot achieve the resolution of a printed document due to a number of factors, including the dimension of the thread, the “give” of the fabric and the tension/pull that is a function of the bobbin/thread relationship. Small elements are a particularly unique challenge and the smaller you make the logo, the bigger the challenge. This is even true when logos contain very skinny letters or part of the letter is very thin. The thin area of the logo needs to be wide/big enough to be a stitch!

The larger the logo, the better the resolution and definition will be and the better luck you will have with achieving the skinny segments. We have many techniques and tricks that we can use to create the best possible embroidered product. However sometimes the best solution is to alter the logo in a way that maintains the “look” of the logo but gives a sharp look to the small elements. And then sometimes you just have to say, “no can do”.