Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum order for most items is one. However it is 24 for caps. NOTE: If we do not already have your logo in our design library, a set-up fee will apply. Quantity discounts start with as little as 12 pieces.

If you happen to have a stitch file (.dst) from a previous embroiderer, we can usually use it. Most of the time we need to digitize your logo or design.

Digitizing is the process of converting your logo or artwork into a stitch file that can be read by embroidery machines. This file tells the embroidery machine where to make each stitch and in what order.

Digitizing is based on the number of stitches in the design. The minimum cost is $35 for simple designs of less than 5000 stitches. Most left chest designs are no more than $50. Larger designs are $10/1000 stitches. Please send your logo to us for an estimate.

Embroidery charges are based on the number of stitches in the design and quantity to be embroidered. We will spell that out for you in our free, no obligation quote.

The first step is to email with your logo. We can read most formats including .jpg, .pdf, .ai, .eps, .png. Next let us know what garments you want. If you need some guidance in navigating through the many selections, we would be happy to discuss what items have performed best for other customers.

When a design is digitized, the correct stitch density is set so that the stitches are exactly the correct distance apart. Without re-digitizing, if we sew the logo larger, the program takes the design exactly as it is and spreads the stitches out according to the enlargement (%) programmed. This causes the logo to have poor coverage and often looks sloppy.  Likewise if we take the exact same stitches and compact them to make the design smaller, we cram too many stitches into the space and this can cause puckering and poor registration.

We offer a very wide selection of garments. Please browse through our vendor’s catalogs on our web site at Let us know if you need something that you cannot find. We will do our best to locate it for you.

Yes. Please request our Customer Owned Goods Price List. Please know that we will do everything we can to take care of your garments but sometimes garments are damaged or are irregular from the vendor.  When you purchase your garments from us, we will replace any garment that is not right whether it comes in from our vendor incorrectly or is damaged by the embroidery machine. When you provide the garments, you are responsible for the garments.

Due to the custom nature of embroidery, we cannot accept returns or exchanges unless the item has a clear manufacturers or decoration defect. All requests for returns must be made within 30 days.  Please call us to discuss at 800-888-4692.

Most of the time the answer is yes. Some customers like to have the logo on their jackets larger than on their shirts. In your original order, we can set these up so that they will be ready to go at a later date should you need them. Also, the maximum height for embroidery on a finished cap is 2.25” so if your regular logo is taller than that, we can discuss what options will work for your particular logo.

Although thread is not sold in PMS colors and is not the same as ink, we will do everything possible to match colors to your satisfaction. It can be tricky when you sew a color of thread onto a colored garment. Sometimes the color looks completely different. This is where our expertise and customer care make a difference. It can sometimes take several attempts to find the correct color for your particular logo, taking into account the color of the garment. We provide a sewn sample for your approval.

Yes, we can. Often the only extra charges are for inbound freight. Each rush order is quoted based on your particular situation our scheduling adjustments needed to meet your requirements.

Digitizing fees are a one-time charge. As long as you use the same logo, there are no further set-up fees for re-orders. As a matter of fact, we can easily change the color at no charge.

We are required to charge sales tax within North Carolina unless you provide tax exempt documentation or resale certificate.

Of course. Let us know what you need.

We accept checks, paypal, Electronic Funds Deposits, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.

We quote each job individually and we will do everything possible to meet any deadline you have. Most jobs turn-around within two weeks.

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