What can our customers expect from us?

The Best

Because we have years of experience in the branded wearing apparel business, we can recommend the best quality garments and products to fit your needs & budget. We look for items that will compliment your logo. You’ll find our embroidery second to none. The result is a high quality item with the finest logo available.


With knowledge of garments, fabrics and construction we are able to steer you to a choice that will work for your particular needs. We represent a wide range of manufacturers and can offer you an amazing selection of items.

We make it our business to keep informed of the latest fabrics and styles available. In essence, we become your personal shopper for items complimentary to your logo, image and budget. Check out our links (via the menu at left), to view our variety of selections.


Unlike many items imprinted with your company logo, embroidery has some unique characteristics. Understanding these characteristics can make the difference between a poor embroidery job and a great one.
Digitizing is the secret to great embroidery, coupled with our attention to detail…

We feel it is important to have a proper density in the stitch count, but too many can cause unsightly puckering. Also we must consider how to best handle small details. Small elements are often not “embroidery friendly”, especially small letters. We finesse each image to make sure it is optimized. In every case we use top of the line embroidery equipment and the best threads and backing available.

How It Works

  • Step #1:

    We create the design with a series of stitches, not dots, liked printed items. Special embroidery digitizing software programs are needed to do this. These software programs tell the embroidery machine:

    • where to begin sewing,
    • which stitch to put where,
    • and the sequence of the stitches and colors
    • we then “tweak” the details
  • Step #2:

    We use precision embroidery equipment to place every stitch at an exact X-Y coordinate.

  • Step #3

    We use high quality threads for longer life and better wear to maintain colors.